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As well as writing novels, Gruff is an inventor, entrepreneur, and technology consultant.  He has a PhD in Physics from Imperial College, London, the location of The Looking Glass Club.  Gruff was nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 and was a TV finalist in the BBC Tomorrow’s World Innovation Awards (Inventive Individual Category).


A keen linguist, he speaks five languages to varying degrees of incompetency and is the creator and CEO of Kwiziq - an AI language coach (


Gruff was a founding technologist behind one the UK's most successful dotcoms,  More than 6 million websites have been built using moonfruit.


He also invented the Exertris gaming-exercise bike, featured on BBC Tomorrow's World (twice) and which Bill Gates presented during his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show.




He doesn't tweet much but you can follow Gruff on Twitter, @gruffdavies, or get tweets about this book, website & competition from @lookinglassclub.  He does spend rather too much time on Facebook though, and whilst he doesn't generally friend people unless he knows them, you can subscribe to his public status updates (which is most of them):

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