The Looking Glass Club gruff davies New Scientist

"gripping and hugely entertaining... difficult to put down."

- New Scientist

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The Looking Glass Club

by Gruff Davies


At Imperial College, London, a group of students meet in secret to conduct experiments that have already cost one person their life.  They believe they are pushing the frontiers of physics, but their research blurs the boundary between what's real and what's perceived - with horrific consequences.


Twenty-five years later, one of the surviving members of the club lives under a new name, Steel, in Manhattan, in a world transformed by the ever-accelerating pace of technology.  When a pregnant stranger, Skyler, is dumped on his doorstep with a sinister note, Steel finds himself in a race to restore her memory before they are both killed by an assassin with a terrifying gift.


What is their connection to Steel's past life in London, and how much longer can he protect the world against the secret that he’s guarded for decades?  He must find out - and quickly - it's not just their lives at stake, but the very fabric of reality that hangs in the balance.




"a gripping and hugely entertaining story... difficult to put down." - New Scientist

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