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Gruff has released a completely free electronic edition of the book which contains the first four puzzles from the paperback and Kindle editions.  It's the entire novel, released under one of the Creative Commons licenses.  Why? Well, it's kinda Cory Doctorow's fault*.


You can download the free edition here.  Enjoy!


If you'd like to read a version with all the puzzles in it, which is formatted for easy reading on handheld devices, then you'll want to buy the paperback or Kindle version.



So, you think you're smart eh?  It's time to find out:

Can you solve all of the puzzles in the book?  You can see the solution here, which will give you a clue as to how to attack the next four.


Be the first to solve all of the interpretation puzzles in the paperback or Kindle editions of the novel to win up to £1 million pounds.


Good luck!




*Gruff says:

Cory gave a pretty compelling talk about copyright at TAM London 2010 which gave me food for thought.  I discovered I had lots of great reasons to release a free version of the book:

1. I write to be read.  I want as many people as possible to read and be entertained by my stories.  Sure, I'd love to make money from writing too (I have a mortgage to pay so do buy a copy if you'd like to support me, perhaps as a gift for someone else if not for yourself) but I'd far rather lots of people read it for free than a smaller number who paid for it.

2. Some people can't afford books or Kindles.  They can visit a library, so why not save them the trip? Everyone should have the right to read a good book.

3. People who love physical books will buy a copy anyway.

4. It actually just feels pretty good to share something with the world and expect nothing in return.

5. I've made the paperback and Kindle versions with all the puzzles in them to make it worth buying them, so this free version is great marketing for those editions of the book.  It's a bit like buying a DVD of a film you've already seen on TV because it has an extras disc.




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