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The Levitron Antigravity Platform

Levitating an Evian bottle!

You can win one of these amazing antigravity toys, and other amazing prizes, by playing the new mini-game competition thanks one of our generous sponsors, Hendrik, of Grand Illusions. [update - competition is now closed]


This is one of those toys that really screams "the future is already here!".  I have one at home, and I can tell you it's truly remarkable to watch - I never get bored of it.  You can dismantle the globe that comes with the device, inside of which is a powerful magnetic disk and you can place objects up to 85g in weight and the platform will levitate them up to an inch high!  I've successfully levitated spectacles, toy cars, espresso cups and even an evian bottle (empty), as you can see in the video.


I came across it in my search for illusions my article on Perception versus Reality - which is the main theme of The Looking Glass Club.  We thought this toy would make a wonderfully futuristic prize for the new competition, and I'm thrilled Hendrik has been so kind in donating one.


I highly recommend you have a browse of his incredible collection of toys and illusions!

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