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LGC Errata

Every puzzle in the book was checked meticulously to ensure they were error free and solvable, but of course no process is perfect.


Errata will be posted here in the extremely rare case that an error is detected.


If you have strong reason to believe you have the correct answer but you get 'no banana' from the Puzzle Checker you can email your answer directly to Gruff (gruff @ gruffiti dot com) and he will personally check again.  This process may be time-consuming since the answers are stored in a vault that even he cannot access easily.


Puzzle 14


The text reads:

 H2TePmBk + H-BeEr-H-fAt + CrXe-H-GdRn + ZrTeBeIn-Br


It should read:

 H2TePmBk + H-BeEr-Hf-At + CrXe-H-GdRn + ZrTeBeIn-Br


Thanks to John (twitter: @C2H5OHPDX) for pointing out a small formatting error - the puzzle is still solvable.



Puzzle 18


Third from final challenge should read:


  "Find a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h"


You do not need to solve for i as well.


(Many thanks to Jacques Basson and Xi Wang for alerting me to this typo. Signed copy of LGC in the post to you both!)