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Perception or Reality (continued)

by Gruff Davies


5. False dual colour spirals

This whirlpool is another striking example of our brains interpreting the same underlying physical reality to give us very different personal 'realities'.  Look at the whirlpool.  You see two colours of striped spirals, one green and one cyan, right?  As far as the 'green' and 'blue' parts of this picture are concerned, the light your monitor is producing is exactly the same in both cases, yet you experience two very different subjective realities: green and blue! (Thanks to Professor Kitaoka again!)

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I've been unable to determine the creator of colour palette, but it may be Adelson. If you know better, please get in touch.

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blue and green the same colour blue and green the same colour - masked blue and green the same colour - masked

With magenta removed the colours begin to appear more similar.

Close up, it's easier to see they're the same.

Vanishing Colours and Colours from nowhere!

We've seen two different colours being interpreted from the same source, how about making colours disappear completetly and producing colour from nothing? In the pictures below, simply stare at the cross in the centre for a little while to see something quite startling.


6. Lilac Chaser and 7. Vanishing colour palette

The Lilac Chaser illusion invented by Jeremy L. Hinton, a UK vision expert, is now regarded as one of the finest images in wikipedia.

vanishing palette

This colourful palette simply and rapidly fades away when you hold your head still and stare at the central dot, like disappearing ink.

The Lilac Chaser, or Pac Man, illusion.  Stare at the cross and the purple dots are suddenly 'eaten' by a green dot appearing from nothing.

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