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Perception or Reality (continued)

by Gruff Davies


8. Creeping flesh illusion

This old favourite uses real motion in one context to produce apparent motion in another where there is none.  This animation is another of Professor Kitaoka's creations.  Stare at the centre of vortex and count to thirty, then look at the back of your hand to see your flesh come alive... I imagine this is what it might be a little what it's like to take the drug meta.

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I'm unable to find who created flickering fog. It's attributed to Professor Kitaoka but he claims it's not one of his. Please get in touch if you know.

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9. Flickering Fog

I came across this lovely example only recently.  Stare at the red dot for thirty seconds then look at the picture on the right.  The flickering fog has strange quality like something on the edge of existence.


Visual illusions are the most easy to demonstrate in articles and so we tend to come across those more, but since all of our senses are interpretations of a physical reality 'beneath', they're each equally 'false' and we can find illusions that demonstrate this for all of our senses.


My final favourite illusion is an extraordinary 'trick of the ear'... [next]


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