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Puzzle 28 - solved!

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From the pages of Tony's diary:

nonogram grand illusions antigravity_platform strandbeest shapeways

Amazing Antigravity platform!

3D-printed "Strandbeest"

Huge thanks to our sponsors, Shapeways and Grand Illusions!

Plus 10 signed copies of The Looking Glass Club go to:


Avery Miller (Toronto, Canada)

Matthew Sear (Quesnel BC, Canada)

Stuart Combes (Reading, UK)

Mike Mitrision (Colorado, USA)

Mark Hughes (Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia)

Bernat (Barcelona, Spain)

Craig Walker (Hokitika, New Zealand)

Scott Farley (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Mark van Heeswijk (Espoo, Finland)

Kim Frazer (Maidstone, Kent, UK)


Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone who played from around the world!

28 skull and crossbones

Congratulations to Alexandre Simonis from Flemalle, Belgium!


Alexandre won the amazing Antigravity Platform and 3D-printed "Straandbeest".