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Solution Tester



1. Clear you browser cache to ensure you are always using the latest version of the checker!


2. Read the Errata


Use this solution tester to build your solution to any of the puzzles.  You can save these solutions to your computer.


When you have generated all the solutions to the mini-game, or the full competition, you can attach these bitmaps to your entry form as your answers.


Please note, this checker can only tell you if your answer is definitely wrong.  It cannot tell you if it is definitely right.  It uses checksums to test your answer, which will falsely match incorrect answers in rare cases.  


The puzzle answers are not stored on this website, they're locked elsewhere in a vault behind the kind of security that would give even Needle a headache.


If you're thinking you might be able to use the checksums to cheat, think again.

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