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"gripping and hugely entertaining... difficult to put down."

- New Scientist

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Win a portion of book profits up to £1 million!

The philosophical theme at the heart of The Looking Glass Club is the relationship between interpretation and reality.  To reinforce this theme, between every chapter is a page of cryptic notes, extracts from the diary of one the Looking Glass Club members.  Each of these pages is a puzzle which, when interpreted correctly, reveals a hidden pictogram.  


You can read read the critically acclaimed story on its own, or delve deeper by attempting to solve the puzzles to play for some cool prizes.  Several prizes have already been claimed:


  • Emma Styles who solved the first puzzle correctly won an All-New Kindle

  • New Scientist reader, Philip Wheatly, won an iPad for solving the first four puzzles

  • Alexandre Simonis from Flemalle, Belgium solved puzzle 28 and won an incredible Antigravity Platform (sponsored by Grand Illusions) and an awesome 3D-printed "Strandbeest" (sponsored by Shapeways)


The "Big Game" is also still unsolved and the prize unclaimed.


Have a go alone, or form a Looking Glass Club of your own to crack the code and claim the prize...

Competition Rules

  • Entries must be submitted in electronic form using this website.

  • The Big Game competition will close when the first correct entry is submitted.  The winning team will win whatever cash has accumulated in the prize fund as at the date of their entry, capped at £1 million pounds.

  • Friends or colleagues of Gruff or Sencillo Press are excluded (sorry!)

  • If you live outside the UK, and do not have a UK bank account, you are still eligible to enter but you will be liable for any costs involved in tranferring funds to a non-UK account, including currency exchange.

  • Winners will be reponsible for any taxes incurred from capital gained.


*A proportion of sale profits are being reserved for the prize fund.  The guaranteed minimum prize is £1,000 and the prize fund is capped at £1 million.

How to play The Big Game

iPad kindle Sterling_Cash

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antigravity_platform strandbeest

3D-printed walking "Strandbeest"


Sponsored by Shapeways

Up to £1m

Still to win...

Winner: Alexandre Simonis 

(Flemalle, Belgium)

Antigravity Platform


Sponsored by

Grand Illusions

Winners: Philip Wheatly


Emma Styles